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Send pictures in emails without having to resize them


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Nowadays there are loads of ways to share images and pictures online. However, whenever you want to send them in emails, you always have to resize them manually, a process that should be simple but always ends up being a pain.

What's more, if you reach the email's size limit, then you have to send the pictures in multiple messages. If you're tired of this same old story, Ashampoo Photo Mailer is for you.

This tool will crop, resize, and convert all the pictures you need to email. Users just have to select the photos they want to share and Ashampoo Photo Mailer will automatically take care of the rest.

The good thing about this tool is that you just have to load any number of images once, since the program will automatically divide them up into more than one email if necessary.

Ashampoo Photo Mailer can send emails to any number of recipients and includes simple, efficient contact management. The changes in quality, cropping, and resizing are all done automatically when you click 'send.'

With Ashampoo Photo Mailer users will no longer have to worry about image size or their email account's space limitations. Everything will be adjusted automatically, no hassle.

Ashampoo Photo Mailer uses a step-by-step process, from selecting the images to choosing who you'll send the emails to. It's very intuitive and self-explanatory and won't require learning anything new.

40-day trial version.

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